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House Trained 28 (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 66 92
Mature content
House Trained 27 (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 85 107
First Date {Shanks x Mihawk}
Mihawk stared at the yellow styrofoam cup in apprehension, a goop of brown liquid dripping over the side in the most unappetizing way.  Some of it dribbled over his friend's fingers like ooze while he just smiled like everything was okay.  The pale teen couldn't help but draw back in disgust at the thought of having sticky fingers then urged himself not to knock it from Shanks' hand.
"You better hurry or it'll melt!"  
He looked up, the red head's grin infectious as he held the cup closer to Mihawk.  Not wanting to seem rude, he reached out, fingers almost hesitant and mouth cringing as he grasped the cup and felt it's sticky drops press cooly against his palm.
Shanks laughed and hopped onto the hood of the car, making it bounce and spill a bit of Mihawk's refreshment onto the crotch of his jeans.  He glared at the stain as it soaked through his clothes and right onto his thighs.  Shanks didn't seem to notice, his hand digging around in the white bag for t
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 29 29
Mature content
Unstoppable 3 (Unknown!Mihawk x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 80 97
Days to Come {Zoro x Reader One Shot} PRIZE
Rain poured over the windshield in heavy waves, water sloshing and splattering across the glass as the wiper blades did their damnedest to keep up.  Yet it was too much for them, like someone was pouring a continuous bucket of water onto your car as you struggled to navigate the back roads home.  The other drivers made it worse, their headlights burning bright through the downpour while they sped through puddles of water that seemed to grow bigger and bigger with each passing minute.
Despite it being hard to see, much less drive, the ride was comfortable.  One would normally feel on edge when commuting through a thunderous storm where violent winds and powerful rain pummeled down, but you felt untroubled by it all.  You didn't need music or conversation, just the company of mother nature and the occasional click click click from your turn signal.
Your passenger felt the same way, his body slumped in his seat, head laid back, and arms flopped at hi
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 110 34
Mature content
Unstoppable 2 (Unknown!Mihawk x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 75 78
Mature content
Anemia 9 (Vampire!Law x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 125 132
Mature content
House Trained 26 (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 141 202
Crocodile Sketch :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 20 9 Zoro Sketch :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 26 37
Mature content
Unstoppable (Unknown!Mihawk x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 109 100
Mature content
Anemia 8 (Vampire!Law x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 110 65
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 7/?? (Killer x Reader)
You weren't going to do it.  No way.  Nu-uh.  Foooooooorget it!!!
Wrap, wrap.  Crinkle.
If anything, you were going to avoid it all together!!  It seemed to be the only way.
Tape.  Crinkle.  Fold.
Yes, definitely the only way.
Fold, fold.  Crinkle.  Tape.
You smoothed down the brown paper before you stuck on the last piece of tape, stretching the clear strip down over the corner like an expert gift wrapper.  Smiling, you picked up the wrapped item and nodded, deeming it a job well done.
No one would be able to tell this was Killer's shirt.  It looked unassuming and boring, just the way you wanted it.  You could walk down the hallway without anyone taking notice, they would just think you're carrying a plain old package; nobody would ask you why you had the man's shirt, where you'd gotten it, and what you needed it for.  You were already embarrassed enough that you
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 120 157
Mature content
House Trained 25.5 (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 102 105
Mature content
House Trained 25 (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 101 43
House Trained 24 (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader)
"Have you talked to your father lately?"
"No, he's still on his cross country trip."  You pushed the button for the top floor then leaned against the wall as the elevator doors closed.
Your mother's upper lip twitched, "Probably jumping off cliffs or climbing a damn mountain."
You laughed, finding it funny that she still disapproved of your dad's hobbies even after the divorce.  You knew they would never get near enough to poke each other with a ten foot pole, much less get back together; but it was still amusing that they worried about one another.  "I wouldn't be surprised if he was walking a tightrope between skyscrapers."
She huffed and started texting on her phone, "He better watch it.  He can't be doing that stuff any longer, he's too old."
You shrugged, "It makes him happy."
"Yes, until he breaks his neck.  You wait, he'll come home in a body cast just like last time."
"Well, he won't have to buy any new equipment if he does..."
Just as you said this, th
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 103 97

Story Progress - 4/23 4:16pm


100% Plotted --> 100% Written --> 100% Edited --> DONE!!

House Trained #28.5: 45% Written
  How I feel about it?:
GIF Adventure Time - Blushing Intensifies

Anemia #10: 35% Plotted
How I feel about it?:
Yui Hirasawa (Don't glare at me) [V1] 

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing #8: Re-plotting and tweaking
How I feel about it?:
Racing Girl Emoji (Evil Scheme) [V3]

Unstoppable #4: 15% Plotted
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Undertale Sans Brows Emoji

:iconvizkopa:'s One Shot: 100% Plotted/500% Eager to write

:iconchincomingo:'s One Shot: Giggling over scenarios - but no real plot :(



Apr 24, 2017
9:10 pm
Apr 24, 2017
7:53 pm
Apr 24, 2017
6:57 pm
Apr 24, 2017
6:54 pm
Apr 24, 2017
6:46 pm
Hey guys!  Still kicking, I promise!

Sorry I haven't updated much since the last House Trained.  Don't worry, I'm still working on ALL my stories and I don't plan to stop.  

The issue right now though is time.  I don't really have any at the moment D:
When I'm not running my department, I'm at home nodding off to youtube videos right after work.

I'm off most of next week, but that's because I took off to play the new Mass Effect game xD  So that's kind of my mini-vacation/treat for me.

I won't know my new job details until next week, but from what I gathered - it's pretty dang kush!  Sitting down at a desk with a comp and just telling truckers where to park and keeping track of shipments.  It's about half of what my old boss used to do when I was working with the dock clerk - so I'm not worried about it being busy.

But yes!  I got a promotion to a nice job with A CHAIR, so I'll have a lot more time to write and not deal with many people since we're such a small team. :)

Not to mention a pay raise (that'll relieve a lot of my stress) - so the future is looking quite bright for writing~

I just wanted to update you guys.  Though the job is looking easy from my end, I still want to take it seriously and give it my all.  So I'm going to focus on mastering that before I chill at my desk and write.

Basically, I won't have time to write until I'm trained and comfortable.  Don't worry though, I do intend to do my best in getting back on that writing train.  :)

Thank you guys for being so patient with me!  You're all truly amazing!


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United States


Ah, yes.  I guess I can deal with it.

*Now working a wed-sat. schedule on nights - a time at work where barely ANY trucks come in and it's already a very slow job to begin with*

Yes, I suppose I'll have the time to write. xD
Training for my new job is finally happening.

At 8am monday...

T^T  It's gonna be weird working dayshift for a week.
I'm trying really hard not to start on the HT Vampire Law story.

Like, really, REALLY hard xD
That moment when you read manga again and one of your hiatus series starts to throw ideas at you >_<



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